How to Create an Inspirational Homework Environment

It’s no secret that kids generally don’t enjoy doing their homework. After a long day at school, the last thing that children want to do is sit down and work for another few hours. So how can parents create a study environment that will help keep their kids focused, productive and creative?

Just like adults, it can be difficult for kids to keep themselves on track in completing their work, as we discussed in last month’s blog post on increasing your productivity at work. However, various studies have shown how our surroundings affect our mood, both at work and at home. Lighting, interior design, choice of furniture and various other factors can contribute to making homework time a more positive and creative experience for our children.

Therefore, in April’s blog post we show you how to create an inspirational homework environment that your kids will love:


Step 1. Designate a Study Space

The first step to creating an inspirational homework environment to keep your kids focused and productive is to choose part of your home as a designated study space. It can be tempting to have your kids complete their homework at the kitchen table or another communal space where you can keep an eye on them, but often these high-traffic areas of the home are too distracting to allow children to focus on their tasks.

Creating a designated area or room for homework will limit potential distractions for kids, allowing them to focus and on and complete their assignments more effectively. This doesn’t mean that the space has to be bare and boring; as we discuss later in this blog post, personalising and decorating your kids’ homework area can actually increase their concentration and enhance their mood.

Also, because technology is increasingly used by schools for homework and school assignments, your chosen study space should be able to accommodate a computer or laptop. To make sure that your children are focusing on their work, there are several parental control programs and apps that can be installed on computers and mobile devices such as Habyts, an app that limits Internet use to educational websites and programs during homework time.


Step 2. Choose Well-Designed and Ergonomic Furniture

The second step in creating an inspirational homework environment for your children is to invest in well-designed, ergonomic office furniture. It is essential to develop spinal health and good posture early, with back pain becoming a common problem among primary school age children.

The furniture that you choose for your kids’ study space should be flexible, comfortable, functional, and able to be adjusted as your child grows. Our philosophy at moll Australia is to create furniture that instills good posture and study habits into children from a young age that will serve them for the rest of their working lives. The team at moll has been committed to the ergonomic design of the perfect learning environment for over 90 years. All of our kids chairs and study desks are fully adjustable in seat height and depth as well as in backrest height, making the moll product range optimally adaptable to the growth and changing needs of students from kindergarten to university.


Step 3. Let There Be Light

Lighting is one of the most important features of any home office or study space. Natural light has been proven to enhance performance, productivity and positivity in the workplace, primarily because it works with our bodies’ natural circadian rhythm to support a healthy sleep-wake cycle. If possible, having the desk in your children’s study space either facing or near a window will allow natural light in and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

If the study space cannot accommodate natural light, it is best to have lighting that imitates sunlight, tending towards the red rather than the blue spectrum. Investing in a quality desk lamp will ensure that your child won’t have to strain their eyes when doing their homework. An innovative desk lamp design can also contribute to an inspiring homework environment; for example, the moll Flexlight is a glare-reducing LED light which contains a built-in USB interface for charging laptops or mobile devices, as well as the ability to change to different colours at the click of a button.


Step 4. Keep Clutter to a Minimum

Anyone with children knows how quickly a homework desk can become piled up with assignments, arts and crafts projects, office supplies and other belongings. Apart from offering a variety of distractions, a cluttered study space does not lend itself to concentration or room to work on an assignment. Keeping the study space tidy and organised is therefore another essential part of creating an inspirational homework environment for your kids.

Flexible and convenient storage options are a must for any study space. This storage should be able to be easily adjusted and moved, large enough to fit A3 paper and other materials, and located near enough to the homework desk to be convenient. Our range of moll mobile storage comes with rollers so that they can be easily moved, but are also stable enough to be used as a seat. These containers also have automatic self-closing drawers to reduce the risk of injury, and feature interchangeable decorative panels to fit in with the design of any study space.


Step 5. Decorate for Creativity and Focus

The final step towards creating an inspirational homework environment is to personalise the study space to make it an inviting and inspiring place to work for your kids. All of our products at moll Australia are available in a range of different colours so that your children can choose a design that they like, and feature interchangeable elements to keep up with their needs, likes and dislikes.

Involving your child in the design of their study space will ensure the finished product is a space that they enjoy being in and take pride in helping to create. Including a few of their favourite colours or decorations featuring their favourite characters will help your kids to feel positive about the study space and homework time in general. Painting the walls of the study space particular colours can also help improve concentration and mood in your kids; for example, blue is calming, while green inspires creativity, and red raises the energy of the space.

By following these simple steps, your kids will have an organised, personalised and inspiring homework environment that will help them keep on top of their assignments.


For our full range of children’s ergonomic study desks, chairs, desk lamps and accessories, feel free to visit our Australian online store.


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