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moll is a leading German furniture manufacturer, founded in 1925 as a family business in Baden – Württemberg in Germany.

Our company manufactures office and organisational furniture, including desks and swivel chairs, and is an international leader in the design of children’s desks and chairs. This ergonomic furniture promotes healthy development in children, growing with the child rather than the child outgrowing the furniture. Our products are successfully marketed worldwide in over 30 countries, and we currently deliver to more than 60 countries, including Australia from 2018 onwards.


moll is the inventor

The German state of Baden-Württemberg has always been known as the home of inventors – the products developed here are an expression of their time. For more than 40 years, moll has manufactured office furniture, rotating shelves and children’s study desks and chairs with perfect craftsmanship. We are the inventor of the height-adjustable desk that grows with the child.

Our working world is no longer imaginable without desks. Although ergonomics and the organization of work became a focus early on, people had barely thought about a children’s study desk. In 1974, moll unveiled the Perfect, the first desk for children and teens that was height-adjustable and grew with them. After countless product innovations, and 40 years, today’s top-of-the-line model, the Champion, has arrived.


moll is made in Germany

Made in Germany – at moll, this is not an advertising slogan, but a reality.

All moll products are developed and produced in house, where everything started almost 100 years ago: in the Swabian Alps of southern Germany. Started by Andreas Moll as a family business in 1925, moll is now run by Martin Moll of the third generation. moll employs the best technicians, engineers and developers to produce high-quality study chairs, study desks and children’s furniture. Our focus on quality, sustainability and safety guarantees that we will remain a reliable partner for a wide range of functional furniture into the future.

Thanks to their longstanding reputation, our products carry the “Made in Germany” seal. It not only provides a great trust advantage among our international customers, but also stands for technical and design innovation.

Today we are proud that – together with our employees, suppliers and customers – we have become a leading provider of children’s desk furniture while still remaining a family-run business.


moll is good design

In everything we do, we ensure that the moll brand stands for functionality and ergonomics with special high-quality design. Our goal is to offer design-minded customers innovative, high-quality, technically sophisticated functional furniture. It is appealing to the smallest detail, intuitive to use, and reliable.

Our development is marked by milestones such as the first rotatable file cabinet (1960), and the world’s first height-adjustable desk for children and teens (1974). The latest examples of trailblazing innovation are the moll S9 three-dimensional movable swivel chair and the electric-motor-driven  and height-adjustable moll T7 desk for the private office.

We believe in the positive effects of good design. Our designers develop furniture to the highest standards in cooperation with renowned designers. For us, design is an important success factor for our products. That doesn’t just mean we make pretty products. We consider design to be the sum total of the demands the user makes on us, the details made possible by technical innovation, the production conditions and of course the ecological requirements as well.

Our products’ durability is important to our design. This affects not only the product quality, but also the design quality. Nothing can be more sustainable than a product that accompanies a person throughout life and is even passed down to others. That it is also user-friendly, long-lasting, innovative and environmentally sound is a given.


moll is safety

Technical and health safety are indispensable in children’s furniture. That is why we subject ourselves to high standards and have our products continuously inspected and tested for technical and health safety by leading independent institutes.

The independent TÜV Rheinland institute checks our products for technical safety. This ensures safe functionality in our products.

The GS symbol was introduced in Germany in 1977 and is Europe’s leading safety seal. It ensures consumer protection and determines that consumer products meet all legal safety requirements demanded by the German product safety act. Independent experts inspect many product features, including ergonomics and chemical analysis of polymer materials affecting the products tested.

The law calls for regular testing of certified products. This guarantees continuous inspection of the products and production.  The GS symbol requires very high standards that exceed the basic requirements for the CE symbol.

The GS symbol guarantees that our products are technically and mechanically impeccable.


moll is reliability

For us, quality is in the whole and in the details. All our products are made with select materials according to the highest quality standards. Appealing design and premium German production make our products especially long-lasting. But not only our production quality meets high standards. Just as important is customer satisfaction – the quality of our service.

At moll, we demand the highest quality of workmanship and service. All customers who have purchased moll products from a commercial furniture dealer immediately receive an extended 5-year warranty on the performance, quality and functionality of the materials and components used.


moll is unique

Tastes vary and can change over time. That is why moll furniture is flexible and can adjust anytime to current trends or evolving preferences. This makes moll furniture timelessly practical. Moreover, moll kids products, such as kids study desks and kids desk chairs, can be extended anytime. They can be upgraded with more work space or storage.

The desk isn’t just an element for working and learning. Its size makes it a central visual component in the work area or children’s room. The modern design of moll furniture is enhanced by a variety of different color variants. Whether in the moll kids or the moll unique line, there is no limit to the design flexibility, so anyone can find exactly the color combination he or she likes or that best fits the furnishings. In addition to the desks’ décor variants, a total of 18 different fabrics are available for the four chair models.


moll is the future

moll’s intention is to prevent as much as possible any negative environmental effects that are caused by its business activities. The applicable environmental laws and regulations are followed in their entirety. moll products are an interplay of ecology, economics and ergonomics. We don’t want to reduce the utility of our products due to our conduct in production. We are convinced that a product can only really be good if it comes about in a good way.

Quality and design are the guarantors of our sustainability. Only the best materials and the greatest care in production ensure the lasting quality of our furniture. The concept is designed for lifelong use and true sustainability. Made in Germany, the furniture uses premium materials that ensure durability. Thanks to its timeless design, variable dimensions and interchangeable elements, the furniture outlasts the user’s changing preferences, while its functional components always keep it ergonomic. We also manufacture exclusively in Germany. This ensures quality, jobs and adherence to social and ecological standards.


For more information and to see our product range, please visit our Australian online store.

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