childrens furniture mobile storage


Mobile Storage for Kids

Children always like to keep every stick and pick up all sorts of odds and ends. So the containers of the moll roll container are made just for that, as the spacious containers can accommodate up to A-3 format. The rollers are extremely easy to move but yet still very stable. If needed, the optional seat pad can turn into a stool instantly, and provide a seat for friends to play, or for parents to help out with their homework. All drawers have an automatic self-closing mechanism, thus, the risk of crushing is significantly reduced. The color applications in the handle of the container are available in many color variations. A pull-out tray is also installed in the top drawer of the container for convenience. Folders and additional books can also be stored using the provided shelf attachments.

Striking, robust and full of possibilities – the moll roller container works as a single piece of furniture just like the picture. On one hand, it can be functional as a home furniture and usable stool, on the other hand, it can be the perfect complement to the T7. The decorative panels are available in the same variations as the T7’s color inlays, and are easily interchangeable. The bridge between the table and the chair ensures that the seat pad from the container can be used as a stool. As the colors of the seat pad are identical to the fabric variants of the moll S6 and the moll S9, a clear and light overall image is created, in which any of the colored elements can be exchanged and adapted at any given time.