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Children roll container of minor

Children would like to keep every stick and pick up all sorts of odds and ends. But the containers of minor are just made for that. Because the spacious containers offer space up to the A-3 format. Due to the rollers they are easy to move but still very stable. If needed, the optional seat pad can turn it into a stool in no time and provide a seat for friends to play or parents for helping with homework. All drawers have an automatic self-closing mechanism. Thus, the risk of crushing is significantly reduced. The color applications in the handle of the containers are included in many colors from the beginning. In the top drawer of the container a fan extract is installed. Here are many subdivisions, which provide storage space for small parts such as paper clips or pens. If a lot of storage space is needed, there are two great alternatives available with the professional and the Cubicmax. Through the shelf attachments here also folders or additional books can be stowed.