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One of the fundamentals of ergonomic sitting is the precise adjustment of its chair. It is important that the seat depth and seat height can be adjusted individually to your own proportions and body measurements. The swivel chairs S6 and S9 by moll offer a size adjustment range, which adapts to users of all body sizes, whether you are an adult or a preschooler. These design chairs from moll are just as suitable for children as they are for adults, thanks to the stepless regulation of its seat height and seat depth. In addition to the focus on functionality, the focus has also been placed into the design of the chair. The futuristic and innovative design sends a clear message, and ensures admiration and recognition amongst design lovers and trade visitors alike. For this reason, the S9 has even been nominated for the German Design Award.
The fabric enriches every room by providing additional aspects such as – physical, visual and aesthetic. In order for the swivel chair to adapt to any room and taste – even retrospectively – there are 8 high-quality fabric covers available to choose from. These can be freely combined and modified so that there can be no limits to your preferences.