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Chairs For Kids

It’s a lot more fun taking a seat in a chair created just for you! The shapes, colours, materials and sizes of the moll furniture are designed with your little one in mind. The children’s chair are lightweight and easy to carry, yet durable enough to handle the rough and tumble of everyday play. Already at young age children sit for several hours a day. Whether doing homework, doing handicrafts or learning.  As important as it is choosing the right kind of desk, it is just as important as choosing the right kind of chair. The perfect ergonomic chair can be adjustable in all dimensions. The perfect chair must have an adjustable seat depth, in addition to back and seat height adjustment. Only then, can the chair be adapted precisely to the individual body size of children. The six-armed crossed feet on the moll chairs provide stability and safety. The wheels of the chair are also braked, meaning that the chair can not slip backwards when sitting down or getting up, providing further advantages to safety. Optionally, the rollers can even be replaced by gliders. The moll chairs can be typically adapted to changing taste at any time. The separately available pillows and slip covers can be changed or washed anytime and are available in ten different fabric patterns. The moll Maximo and the moll Scooter are the perfect children’s swivel chairs for an ergonomic workplace.