kids study desk

Kids desk

A kids desk is not just a piece of furniture for children. This is where homework is done or learned for the next exam. Stress, joy, exhaustion and success. Everyday school life can transport children into a wide variety of emotions. You should definitely feel comfortable in such a place. To make children feel comfortable at work, moll has developed furniture that can be adapted to the needs of children. The ergonomic kids desks by moll can be individually adjusted to the body size. As the inventor of learning systems that grow with the child, moll has a special responsibility. moll are fully committed to one goal: healthy and ergonomic learning for children and teens.

Demands on kids desks

A kids desk is extremely important for a good learning atmosphere. Because the better the kids desk is tailored to the needs of young people, the more efficient and concentrated the children’s learning. In addition to the height adjustment, it is also important that the desk can be tilted. In the following guide we will tell you what you need to bear in mind when purchasing a kids desk:

Size of the children’s desk:

The kids desk is the central piece of furniture in the children’s room. It is therefore important that the size of the kids desk also matches the size of the children’s room. The kids desks from moll are available both as “Compact” version and with a table width of 120cm. However, the table top can also be supplemented and extended at a later date with add-on plates such as the side top.

Height-adjustable kids desk

Naturally, we make sure that children’s shoes and clothes always fit. So why do many parents seldom pay attention that the kids desk can be adjusted to the current body size? Even at a young age, postural deformities can lead to tension and back problems. The moll kids desk can help to prevent. Because all moll kids desks have a height adjustment. In addition to the “Classic” height adjustment, some kids desks from moll also have an infinitely variable “Comfort” height adjustment. This means that the kids desk can always be adjusted to the child’s current height.

Tiltable desks for children

To support correct sitting, the student desks from moll have a table top that can be tilted. The moll kids desks can be tilted in different ways. There is a manual adjustment for the kids desk model moll Winner or a cable pull for the moll Champion. The simple grid adjustment of the moll Joker rounds off the assortment. The top model moll Champion even has a split table top. When the tabletop is tilted, the anti-slip lock prevents booklets or booklets from falling off.

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