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Ergonomics for children

A child’s need determine the layout of a room. In addition to practical and functional needs., the child’s room must be set up to offer free space for activity., movement and creativity. This means that the setup of a children’s room is crucial to healthy child development. When children have to sit, furniture takes on central importance. They are supposed to support children as well as possible. This is possible only it the furniture grows optimally with the children’s height and if it allows various postures and movements. The ergonomic furniture by moll can be individually adjusted to the body size. Both chair and table can be individually adjusted to satisfy all ergonomic and health-promoting aspects. As the inventor of learning systems that grow with the child, moll has a special responsibility. moll are fully committed to one goal: healthy and ergonomic learning for children and teens.

Demands on children’s ergonomic workplace

01: Chair and desk always form a unit. Proper sitting is only possible when both elements flexibly and intuitively adjust to growth-related changes in body proportions. This calls for adjustment options that take all dimensions into account – even the seating depth. In addition, the chair has to promote physiologically healthy sitting. It must adjust not only to the user’s body proportions but also to his movement.

02: The desk must be adjustable in two ways: in both height and incline. Only in this way can it match body proportions as well as task-specific postures. Children should be able to change the desk height and desktop angle by themselves. This requires intelligent mechanisms and electric motor solutions. The desktop must be deep enough to accommodate a monitor, or else an extension must be added.

03: To prevent the eyes from tiring too quickly, it is important for the space to have adequate basic lighting. This should be supplemented with mobile, flexible lamps at a given time. Good lighting helps the user concentrate longer and avoid headaches.

04: The overall climate of the toom crucially contributes to healthy learning. The desk should be positioned at the window in such a way that the child isn’t constantly distracted by visual stimuli and looking outside. the room should provide options for relaxation as well as movement.

Why is Ergonomics important?

In the workplace: According to Safe Work Australia, the total economic cost of work-related injuries and illnesses is estimated to be $60 billion dollars. Recent research has shown that lower back pain is the world’s most common work-related disability – affecting employees from offices, building sites and in the highest risk category, agriculture.

Protect your children and pay attention to ergonomic and healthy children’s furniture like the children’s desk moll champion, moll Winner or moll Joker or the children’s chair moll Maximo and moll Scooter.

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