kids study chairs

Kids study desk and kids study chair

When it comes to safety and ease of use, high standard never hurt. This especially applies when setting up learning areas. In order to be able to learn successfully, children need furniture that is always correctly adjusted to their needs. Generally speaking, a study desk and study chairs should be easy to handle. This applies to height and tilt adjustment as well as to the attachment of additional components. Study Furniture from moll can make an important contribution here. The ergonomic study chairs and study tables are perfectly adapted to the needs of children and teenagers. All moll Study Desks and Study Chairs are prooved by recognized testing institutes for safety standards and back-friendly design. As the inventor of learning systems that grow with the child, moll has a special responsibility. moll are fully committed to one goal: healthy learning for children and teens. Explore the moll range of healthy and ergonomic study chairs, providing different degrees of adjustment of back-rest and head-rest and the individually adjustable study tables.

The perfect study desk

A study desk is extremely important for a good learning atmosphere. Because the better the study desk is tailored to the needs of young people, the more efficient and concentrated the children’s learning. In addition to the height adjustment, it is also important that the desk can be tilted.

The perfect study chair

Already early in life, children sit at their desks for hours every day. Whether for homework, handicrafts or learning. Therefore, choosing the right study swivel chair is just as important as choosing the right study desk.
A study chair for children must, therefore, satisfy different needs: It should promote the correct sitting posture, be growing with the child and please the child and fit to the homework place. The perfect ergonomic study chair is adjustable in all dimensions. Besides the possibility of back and seat height adjustment, the perfect study chair can also be adjusted in seat depth.

moll only has study chairs in his collection that match all moll study desks. The moll Maximo is the classic among study desks and a perfect complement to all moll study desks.

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