Premium tilt

Since safety is important to the heart, it is important to use only non-hazardous materials in order to protect the youngest children in accessible places. Thus, for example, the greases of the inclination come from the food industry and are not harmful to health in direct contact.

moll Champion right up

“The award-winning desk for left-handers
with comfortable height adjustment “

moll Champion front up

“The award-winning desk with continuous
Table top and comfort height adjustment”

moll Champion left up

“The award-winning desk for right-handed people
with comfortable height adjustment “

Premium inclination for children’s desks

The minor children’s desk can be tilted in two variants: via the premium inclination and the classic inclination. The inclination Premium takes place via two buttons. If the left button is pressed, the worktop is inclined. Pulling on the right button, the worktop lowers again. This inclination is TÜV-tested and childproof. And if the worktop is not tilted, there is no obstruction between the plate parts. At the minor children’s desk only harmless materials are used, as the safety of your child is very important. Thus, the grease of the skew system is sourced from the food industry and is not harmful to health even in direct contact with the skin.