Which decor colors are available?

1001 possibilities – The color variants of moll

The children’s desk is not just an element of working and learning. In the nursery, its size alone makes it the central optical component. The modern design of the moll children’s desks is complemented by different and varied color options. But as parents you know, the tastes change – usually several times over time. But, at moll, this has been considered and we have developed the color elements so that they can be replaced anytime. This makes the moll children’s desk as individual as your child. It can be made to your children’s taste and therefore it can be one of the most beautiful and important pieces of furniture in your child’s room.

From decor colors to colored side panels

The table top of the moll children’s desk is characterized by a durable and – most importantly – low emission melamine resin coating. As a result, the tabletops are not only very durable, but also meet the highest standards of health. The design options are not limited to the different models in different decor colors. You also have the opportunity to set wonderful accents with the colored side panels. Depending on the table model, the number of colors may vary. And later, if your child’s taste may have changed, simply swap out the colors. In this way, the accent elements can always be adapted to the current wishes or the favorite color.

Free delivery of all color applications

The experience shows, the younger the children are, the more colorful they like it. As they getting older, the wishes usually differentiate towards certain colors. It won’t be a problem for the color options of the moll children’s desk. Also, all color applications are included with the table for free. The number of colors can vary per table model.

In addition to the color applications, you have the choice among different decor colors of the tabletop of the desk.

The decor colors of the moll children’s desks are:

  • White
  • Maple
  • Beech
  • Oak

All decor colors are colors that make a happy, bright impression on your child and the nursery. The nuances between the decor colors can be based on the existing furnishings in your child’s room or even unfold as a determining element. In this way, moll children’s desk is also a central element of the design of the nursery. Please note that not every decor color is available for every desk model.

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