How do I set the height of the children’s desk correctly?

A children’s desk that grows with your child, thanks to height adjustment

Höhenverstellung Kinderschreibtisch höhenverstellbar

Almost as a matter of course we pay attention to the right size, the smooth and ergonomic function and the excellent quality of clothing, shoes and toys as children grow up. Why should you not pay attention to the best conditions at the children’s desk?

Your child grows – the kids desk too

Children sit earlier and longer at a desk than their parents. They make and play here, they write and do their homework in this place. In order not to be exposed to tension and discomfort due to a wrong posture at a young age, ergonomically correct sitting is important at this age. What does that mean exactly and how does the moll children’s desk help? First, it is important that both feet are on the ground and that the hips and knees are bent at right angles (90 degrees) so that the thighs are horizontal and the lower legs form a vertical line. The posture is upright and the upper arms are next to the body. The elbows are bent at about 90 degrees, so that the forearms can rest horizontally on the table top.

Children’s desks by moll perfectly height adjustable

So that the learning place can be individually adapted to the respective body dimensions of your child, all moll children’s desks have a height adjustment. The correct height of the children’s desk forms the basis, so that your child does not get back pain, muscle tension and headache by sitting incorrectly. The adjustment of the correct height can be controlled easily and accurately with the measurements given on the molluscs. This makes it easy to adjust the moll children’s desk exactly. But what is the perfect height for the children’s desk? Decisive is the height. Use this table to set the children’s desk correctly:

How to set the children’s desk correctly:

HeightTable HeightSeat height
119 cm53 cm28-32 cm
135 cm59 cm32-37 cm
151 cm66 cm38-42 cm

Something for everyone: The versatile possibilities of height adjustment

Children’s desks from moll can either be obtained with the patented “Comfort” height adjustment or ordered with the classic “Classic” height adjustment. The “Comfort” height adjustment is not only a patented process, but also makes an important contribution to the perfect ergonomics of the children’s desk thanks to the synchronously stepless adjustment of the height of the children’s desk. You will not find this system at any other desk in the world. Even children’s hands can make the setting via the integrated yo-yo and adjust the moll children’s desk easily and simply to the requirements. If the children’s desk is set, you can store the yoyo separately or attach it to the left or right of the table.