The moll desks with the height adjustment “Comfort”

moll Champion left up

“The award-winning desk for right-handed people
with comfortable height adjustment”

moll Champion right up

“The award-winning desk for left-handers
with comfortable height adjustment “

moll Champion front up

“The award-winning desk with continuous
Table top and comfort height adjustment “

moll Winner Comfort

“The all-inclusive model with drawer
and comfortable height adjustment “

moll Winner Compact Comfort

“The compact variant with table width 90 cm
and the comfortable height adjustment”

Height adjustment Comfort for children’s desks

In addition to the height adjustment comfort, you can purchase the height adjustment Klassic at moll. The moll height adjustment comfort is a patented procedure, which is only available at minor children’s desks. The height adjustment Comfort works not only simple and exact; they do not need any force. The basis for this is a cable. The height is infinitely adjusted by simply pulling on the cable. So that your child does not accidentally adjust the desk height, the cable can be removed. Alternatively, the cable is attached either to the right or left of the table. The minor children’s desk grows with your child into adulthood. It is designed to a height of two meters.