Kids desk width Classic

The minor desks with the classic table width

moll champion right up

“The award-winning desk for left-handers
with comfortable height adjustment”

moll Winner Comfort

“The all-inclusive model with a drawer
and comfortable height adjustment”

moll Joker Classic

“The basic model with all the important features
– clear, reduced and functional”

moll champion front up

“The award-winning desk with integrated
tabletop and comfort height adjustment”

moll champion left up

“The award-winning desk for right-handers
with comfortable height adjustment”

moll Winner Classic

“The all-inclusive model with a drawer
and classic height adjustment”

Children’s desk for children’s rooms

Children’s rooms have different sizes and different preferences. For larger rooms, the minor children’s desks are particularly suitable for large rooms. They provide your child with space to file documents, set up books and of course do the homework. The width of the minor children’s desks is more than a meter, usually about 120 cm, and the depth is more than 70 cm. All minor children’s desks can be expanded if necessary – in all dimensions. The minor children’s desks for large spaces will be the central piece of furniture in your child’s room. They offer their offspring the special space and space they need for their development.