Children’s desks Compact

The “Compact” Desks by Moll

moll Winner Compact Comfort

“The compact variant with table width 90 cm
and the comfortable height adjustment “

moll Winner Compact Classic

“The compact variant with table width 90 cm
and the classic height adjustment “

Children’s desk for small children’s rooms

For rooms with little space or a preference for playing, the children’s desks by Moll, which have been specially designed for small rooms, are suitable. These are the children’s desks of the “Comfort” line, each with a table width of 90 cm, and thus manage the balancing act of fitting into small children’s rooms while still giving your child enough space to write and read. They are therefore particularly suitable for the little ones, the more games and crafts than writing and reading. Many details and features complement these children’s desks, so that they are in no way inferior in function and quality to their “big brothers”, the children’s desks for large rooms.